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Welcome to The Clueless Mama! 

My journey to become a Mum started off on a rather clueless base. 

I remember when my sister had her first baby and I saw her making up bottles of formula for her little one and I thought to myself how complicated it looked. How does she know what she is doing? And how does she make it look so easy to be a Mum?

Over my pregnancy, I became more aware of what a woman needs and what the baby needs and I like to think that now I have had my little bundle of joy, Lonjexo, that I am slightly more clue’d up.

On The Clueless Mama, I will be taking you through my journey from bump to baby and of what I have learned throughout. But, in an amusing and light-hearted way.

Enjoy, follow and engage, I love to connect with others!

Motherhood blog
Motherhood Blog