10 Ways for you to be Pampering your Pregnant partner

Pampering your Pregnant Partner

I think we can all agree that pregnancy can be a bit of a tough time for a woman. A lot of energy is consumed by our body preparing itself as an optimum habitat for our lovely bambinos. While the changes might happen invisibly for some time, it can definitely be telling in our attitudes and appearances. I can’t even begin trying to pick up the dark bags (that are so not Prada bags) under my eyes, or walking any type of distance with the sciatic pain that I am experiencing every day. The sleepless nights caused by my hatred of side-sleeping (being a flat chested non-pregnant lady, I traditionally sleep on my front without an ounce of discomfort because of my well… flat chest) cause me never-ending exhaustion.

When I say its “telling”, what I mean is that the people who are closest to us can easily see the toll that this special time takes on our bodies, mentality and faces. People like our partners.

Tama has been wonderful throughout my so far 32 weeks of pregnancy and it has certainly made my experience that much more special. I think what is even nicer about being treated like a Goddess during this time is that I know its not going to be forever… not saying that my wonderful boyfriend won’t treat me nicely after having had our little darling, but that after the birth, focus and concentration will be zoomed in on our little bambino and not so much on me.

Having a partner or friend pay so much attention to you so much can be a lovely feeling, and here are 10 ways for you to be pampering your Pregnant Partner

Pampering your pregnant partner with: 


Now, I don’t know about you lovely ladies, but this clueless Mama is blessed with seriously swollen feet and fingers after a full day of work all topped nicely with back, pelvic and hip aches that can make getting up from the sofa a tad difficult. Once I’m home from work, I tend to plonk myself down on the sofa to watch some Gilmore Girls, blog away, pinterest away and relax my aches and pains away. But when it comes to getting up to make some dinner, I struggle. Tama usually gets home from work quite late (he is a chef), but he will tend to come home, pick up my feet and rub away. Its. The. Best. 

Having my feet rubbed and massaged is quite frankly life-saving for me- I can’t even begin to explain the relief it offers not only just my feet, but my entire body. Seriously, even if your partner isn’t there, if you grab some moisturiser and rub the soles of your feet or if you are too big in the bump department at the moment, place a tennis ball on the floor and roll it under your feet; you will feel so much more relaxed and comfortable.

Painting her nails

I know, we might not be able to trust our partners to do a great job of painting nails… but with practise comes perfect and this can be proven in how Tama paints my nails. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than unpainted toe nails (on myself, so no judgement here for others), but with my ever increasing bump, I am finding it that little bit harder to reach my tootsies and it does feel like I put the brush down to where I think my feet are and just go ham. This results in painted ankles rather than toe nails and its not the greatest look in the world. 

So Tama took my nail polish and began painting my toe nails with grace and such a delicate hand. He had mastered the art of painting my toe nails and I was never going to complain about it. Just having one less worry for when you are heading out with your comfy sandals on and your toes out, makes the world a brighter place- especially in the hot summer months. 

Give in to her cravings

Lord knows, they might not always be the healthiest option on the nutrition cards. I would have struggled so much in my pregnancy if I didn’t get a chance to give in to my unhealthy cravings every now and then. Having a partner who didn’t judge the weird food combinations made it a wee bit easier to get some enjoyment out of it. Just keep in mind that she is eating for two and needs to get some fun out of it! So why not pick up a bar of that chocolate that she has been swearing off of for weeks? Or her favourite type of cereal? Its the little things that go a looooong way in pregnancy- I can attest to that!

Help out with chores

Nothing worse than coming home from a long day of work with swollen legs, a killer headache and an apetite that would Shrek would envy, and then seeing that there are dishes piled up high in the sink, or that the freshly washed laundry was sitting in a pile waiting to be hung up to dry. Make her life a wee bit easier by spending an additional 10 minutes a day on chores. I’m not saying you have to do everything around the house, but just by helping out with things like dishes means that she can come home from work and go about her business without having to stall to clean up. It makes a difference. 

Get her some comfy maternity wear

Pampering your Pregnant PartnerTama was actually the reason I decided to buy some maternity clothes so early on. I was happy with making do with my pre-natal jeans and trousers until they couldn’t fit anymore, but he could see that my belly was struggling with strangulation of waist bands and in order to protect the baby (how cute is he!?) he kept hinting to me to go shopping for some maternity trousers. I eventually gave into his demands and purchased the comfiest maternity joggers I have ever come across (I know I mention these joggers in practically every single post, but if you had them, you would understand, ok?). 

It was the sweetest thing too when he came back from a day of shopping himself and confessed that he was looking for maternity dungarees for me as he thought I would look “cute” in them. Fella’s and ladies, I am not saying go out and spend a tonne of money on maternity clothes (lord knows they are expensive), but even if you are out and see something that you think looks comfy in the maternity section, perhaps purchase it and bring it home. It shows her you were thinking of her and her comfort.

Don’t judge her for the endless southern winds

We all do it, pregnant or not… everybody farts. Don’t like the word? Then everybody toots/panty whispers/ pumps etc. It is biologically necessary for us to release our southern winds throughout life and pregnancy is DEFINITELY NO EXCEPTION. pregnancy brings with it, the many delights of excess wind. I can’t even begin to explain my embarrassment but secret gloating when I was stuck in a train full of people who refused to give up their seat to a pregnant woman and a toot came from nowhere (well, it came from me, and I think EVERYBODY knew it). That’s what they all got for not offering their chairs to me. 

My point here is that the pregnancy wind is something that is sometimes involuntary, and not only catches you as a spectator as surprised, but the mother-to-be too. Accept it and move on, some women can be mortified when it happens- if that’s the case, don’t make a big deal out of it. Others (like myself) tend to giggle away at them, and if that’s the case then laugh along too- they are pretty funny afterall. Just don’t judge/turn your nose up/ look disgusted- ain’t nobody got time for that. 

Have some Frequent Date Nights

Sure, she might complain about feeling like a whale… and a bloated one at that, sometimes. She might not want to do anything but sit with her feet up, or maybe she just wants to eat some snacks and watch a movie. Lord knows we don’t need a lot, but knowing that you are thinking of us when we are feeling down-trodden is a lovely feeling. Especially if you are going to the effort of organising a date night. Take her to her favourite restaurant… if she isn’t up for leaving the house then order her favourite take away! Buy some candles and run her a bath- it doesn’t have to be fancy.

Plump up her Pillows

Pampering your Pregnant PartnerNO, I am not talking euphemistically here. I literally mean her bed/couch pillows. You need your woman to be comfortable before she plonks herself onto the bed at night for her much needed rest for two. Help her out, just plump them up once in a while to give her that extra bit of support!

Spend some time in the bathtub/shower together

Pampering your Pregnant PartnerMy aim here is to suggest that it will be more difficult than ever when the baby gets here, for one of you to take a bath or shower let alone having one to share. Enjoy it while you can before it gets interrupted by the soon to be screaming cries of your baby. Run a nice warm bath, pop in a Lush bath bomb or bubble bath, light some candles and dim the lighting, find some fluffy towels and help her into the bath of dreams. Either pop yourself in there next to her and enjoy massaging each other and washing each other, or you can wash her hair for her while not getting into the tub/shower- she might be taking up most of the room and there is nothing worse than being cramped up in a bath. Its romantic, its sensual and its relaxing. These are all things that your pregnant lady will be wanting (well, these are things that THIS pregnant lady is wanting, so hint, hint Tama!)

Make the dinner one night

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy… make her some pasta or her favourite home cooked meal! Or better yet, bake some dessert and surprise her with your chef skills. I am very much lucky as Tama is a chef and knows what he is doing! If your pregnant partner is anything like me, she probably cant be bothered coming home from a long day of work and getting to cooking the dinner straight away, even though she may be famished. A little effort goes a long way my friends, and its important to remember that!

You don’t have to move mountains for a pregnant lady to enjoy herself with you; just make the small efforts and she will definitely be feeling pampered. The above tips are just simply tips that I believe would help me feel pampered, but if you have your own idea, comment them below- I would love to read them!

What are the Pregnancy Blues and how can you Overcome them?

Over the past few weeks, I have been a bit ashamed to admit it out loud, when I know I shouldn’t be. the pregnancy blues are a perfectly normal thing to experience, but I just feel slight failure and disappointment.

You see, being pregnant is a marvellous experience for the most part, and there are so many wonderful women around the world who don’t even get the chance to experience it. So what right does a 28 week long pregnant woman have to complain about her situation of emotion? Well, to be honest, she gets every right.

I have experienced the odd  occasion of feeling a bit bluesy, maybe even a little depressed and down beaten.  It won’t be that I feel sad necessarily, but there is a sort of sad atmosphere going on inside of my head that I just cannot shake. I go through these periods of time frequently throughout my life, but the past 5 months have been nothing short of perfect and blissful. 

So why is it that nowadays, 6 months pregnant, I find myself standing in the shower in the morning with no song to sing and just staring blankly at the corner of the tiles on the wall opposite me without a thought, or shred of emotion on my face? Is it normal to feel slightly… numb inside? Is the feeling multiplied by my intense hormonal mood swings? Perhaps! That could explain why I have those days where every little thing makes me blubber like a baby when I don’t even feel a tickle of sadness or upset, or anything really. Is it normal to feel slightly… numb inside?

The answer is yes. I would put it down to antenatal depression, but the thing is, this feeling is not a stranger to me. I have experienced this exact sense of “ennui” before, many times. But its nothing to worry about because everytime I experience it, it goes away overtime and I realise that it is only temporary. 

Still, though, I feel slightly guilty over the fact that I feel this way when I am carrying a miracle within me. I am filled up with 2 hearts beating away contently and sharing these beautiful “bump and me” moments. I am truly so so happy but I am just going through a bit of a rut, and that’s perfectly normal! I think adding the pressure of remaining positive and happy for everyone can be a bit too much and I think this makes the situation worse.

Overcoming the Pregnancy Blues by…

Eating Healthier

It seems like one of those things that everyone tells people to do, and it can make us question if it really has any weight of truth, but it does. Eating healthier, cleaner and greener meals and snacks can actually help our mentality! I found that by cutting out some of the crappier foods I was consuming from cravings, I regained a sense of control and felt better with less guilt.  It also helps me to think that I am giving my baby the best start to life with much needed proteins and legumes!

Pregnancy Blues

Exercising Gently

I know, I know… Exercising while you are pregnant is a bit of a difficult one. In my opinion and in my experience, its not sensible to do anything too intense, ie jogging as it takes too long to recover for me. I decided recently that I am getting back into swimming. Apparently swimming is a great, gentle way of exercising aching muscles and your weightlessness in the water can actually help to alleviate some of the pains. We got to stay fit and healthy some way! Exercising releases those endorphins that swim around your body. I always refer to endorphins as little dolphins of hope as I can just imagine them swimming about, flipping and spinning happily within your body and it automatically makes me feel happier. By doing some gentle exercise for about 30 minutes 3 times a week, you will be doing yourself a kindness!

Stop putting pressure on yourself

Its all too easy for pregnant ladies to feel guilty for complaining about our qualms. Over the past few weeks I have really noticed this being the reality for me, but it hit me that I shouldn’t! Growing a baby is hard work, and I think its a miracle that we can get through it, especially when aches and pains can get a bit too overbearing sometimes. We have earned the right to have a little whine every now and then. Read my thoughts on this matter by clicking here. By adding additional pressure to yourself, you are making things worse mentally. You are bottling up the weird unexplainable emotions that you are experiencing and that really is no way to feel better. Accept the fact that you are feeling low, but don’t let it become you! 

Pregnancy Blues

Know that it will all be worth it- write down your worries about the baby coming

Some nights when I was growing up, I would remain awake in bed for hours upon hours worrying about things that were outwith my control… school… friends… family… just the usual things that everyone worries about. For some reason these worries would remain at the front of my mind for hours upon hours and I would get no relief whatsoever until I got them down on paper. I know that not all people work the same way, but for me, writing my woes down helps me to express them, which relieves some of the frustration pent up in my mind.

With pregnancy, comes worry, comes anxiety and panic sometimes. We just have to find a way to deal with it so it doesn’t ride its way throughout the 9 months. What are your fears or worries about having your baby? The room available? The fact that your life going to change drastically? Being able to afford life? Note down your worries. Sometimes just getting them out on paper can help you realise that these issues are fixable if you give it some logical thought. Writing them down turns the tidal waves of worry into small, manageable and hoppable waves that you can overcome.

Speak to someone

If your thoughts are overburdening your mind to the point you can notice yourself getting quieter and quieter with those you love, maybe you can’t smile as much as you did during the first trimester, or you might find yourself becoming less excited for the little bundle of joy to join you in your journey through life. These are all perfectly normal feelings that pregnant women experience and its extremely okay to talk about without feeling judged. Avoid those who may judge you about these things and talk it over with your midwife, your partner, your parents, your siblings, your friends, heck… talk to me about them if you need an ear! Sometimes you just need to hear someone saying out loud that you aren’t going crazy, that the thoughts you are having are perfectly normal. Without sounding ridiculously corny, a problem shared is a problem halved and once I speak about the issues I experience, with my wonderful partner or family, I always feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Other parents will know exactly how you feel usually and might even be able to offer a bit of hope for you with their advice- afterall, they have been through it all before. 

Pregnancy Blues

Take care of yourself

This tip is one of the most important in my book. How are you ever going to start feeling happier if you are abandoning yourself? When the baby comes, you are not going to get much time to yourself, so enjoy it while you can. Enjoy the last few months that you will have before your baby arrive and take yourself out for a hair cut, or get your nails done… even better, spring out some cash and get a foot massage! If you are on a budget, treat yourself to a facial, a hot bubble bath, or purchase a lush bath bomb or massage bar and luxuriate yourself. This time is wonderful and its yours. Do with it what you want and enjoy it. You will feel better, more positive and happier soon. I promise!

Pregnancy Blues

Pregnant Lady FOMO- a Taste of what’s to come…



The dictionary defines FOMO as “anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media”, or its the “Fear of Missing Out”. You can read all about FOMO in Stella Hudgen’s recent blog post, which I encountered over Instagram and its what inspired me to write about the subject from a pregnant woman’s point of view. 
I have had FOMO, my friends have had FOMO, your Granny’s Granny probably had FOMO at some point in her life. Babies get it too! You tend to see that they won’t sleep when there is lots going on around them. My nephew was adorably guilty of this when he was just a few weeks old; we would head over to their house, hang out for the day and as soon as Riley was put to his crib, he would cry for fear of being left out. 
My point is that everybody experiences FOMO at some point in their life (unless you are a person who is involved in EVERYTHING you could possibly ever want to be involved in, and in that case then you might have FOMO of the concept of FOMO, so technically, you might still get FOMO) and its perfectly normal! 

Even though its normal, FOMO can suck!

FOMO only becomes a real problem when it is recurring for a person. Of course, people can combat it by making themselves more available for friends and social invitations, or by saving up enough money to buy those concert tickets that they know they would miss out on otherwise. But what if a person has less of a chance to combat it though?
I’m thinking about Mums, Dads and expecting Mums and Dads.

Pregnant Lady FOMO


I was watching “The Let Down” on Netflix recently (a Netflix original show), which is pretty hilarious but it also induced a whole set of nerves, fear and realism to me as a pregnant woman of what to expect when my gorgeous wee Squish is born. The show follows Audrey, a Mother of 1 new-born baby, Stevie, who is going through the adjustment period of having just given birth to getting used to being responsible for a new human being, struggling with the support available from her friends, family and her work-obsessed boyfriend. She joins a group of new Mothers in an AA-like meeting each week and shares her battles with them all. Its a pretty good show and worth a shout!
I think I have been under a false illusion of what maternity leave will be like because this show has suggested to me the realities of a being a brand new Mum, even with a partner present. I can’t decide if I should recommend this show to the pregnant ladies that I know, for fear of freaking them out, but I also don’t want them to be blind sided with how strenuous and emotionally turbulent the experience seems to be with being a brand new parent.  I definitely feel like its a good suggestion to a new Mum to prove that the struggles she might be experiencing are not out of the norm and that no matter how bad it can get, she is truly never alone.
ANYWAYS, the show sort of highlighted my growing suspicions of FOMO being a bit of a problem when a baby is born.
I don’t enjoy the feeling of missing out on things, but being an introvert, I have come to terms with the fact that FOMO might be a common theme in my life throughout. What worries me is that it WILL become more prevalent when friends are celebrating their life accomplishments and don’t have as much time to spend with the new Mum of the group. Or not being able to go to as many concerts or seeing couples heading out for a last minute holiday that they booked. 
I find that it has always been a bit of a burden on expecting Mothers of not being able to complain about anything like this because outsiders tend to make them feel bad about it by saying things like “Well, you are the one that got pregnant”, or that “their needs come after the baby’s”. I feel that expecting Mothers are made to feel a gut wrenching guilt if they share their complaints out loud and I have to say that its complete nonsense. 
Its natural to feel like independence, freedom, self-identity is sailing away during pregnancy, because when the baby is here, that’s it. The baby comes first and foremost all the time, and for some Mothers I think this must be really difficult to deal with. I think that all Mothers (expecting included) should be given the chance to have a whine every now and then about how things are going without being made to feel the guilt that is imparted on them as soon as something negative exits their lips. Stifling these feelings up can not be healthy and could even lead to eventual resentment towards to the situation.

FOMO for pregnant ladies

FOMO might occur for pregnant ladies when her friends are going out to celebrate birthdays at clubs. They might not want to join in because they feel judged of being in a drinking atmosphere when heavily pregnant, even if no alcohol was consumed by the pregnant lady. 
FOMO might occur for pregnant ladies when her partner is taking part in an activity that she would love to do but can’t because she is keeping the foetus safe. 
FOMO might occur for pregnant ladies when she is prohibited to leaving the house because of round ligament pain or exhaustion.

The Flip-side of FOMO when pregnant


BUT…. “missing out” doesn’t have to be a bad thing.
Staying in while pregnant can allow pregnant ladies to bond with their bump. It can allow them the chance to prepare by shopping online for the nursery décor. It could allow them to feel better for the weekend coming so that she can leave the house at some point. She can organise nights in with her friends with snacks and movies and have a right good old catch up! She can convince her partner to stay at home with her and create psychic predictions of what their baby will look like or what they will do when they are older, or come up with plans about how to make the incoming life the best thing possible. 
My point is that FOMO, while it can suck at the time, is not the end of the world. The great thing about FOMO is that it might not last long at all; just the length of the activity that the person is missing out on, and then,  life goes on. 
Remembering that everybody gets the fear of missing out and that soon enough you will be having FOMO relating to the baby about missing first smiles or first steps… not so much the importance of keeping up appearances at nights out etc, makes FOMO slightly more easy to deal with. Babies make everything worth it; not just the labour and the stretch marks, but even the emotional turbulence that you experience as a mother (expecting included).
Do you get FOMO as a pregnant woman or Mother? What are some ways that you combatted the feeling?

Moving Home While Pregnant

Is it sensible to move home while pregnant?

Heck no! But Heck Yes! It might not be the easiest time in your life when moving homes what with all the cleaning, packing and transporting of things, but, it might be necessary for when you are growing a brand new human.

Moving home while pregnant

Is it Stressful to move home while pregnant?

Heck yes! Can you believe that it has been said that moving homes can be more stressful than a divorce?! I certainly can! It all depends on how prepared you are, but throwing a house move spanner into the pregnancy works can be even worse. Depending on how far along you are, you might have your job cut out for you and its important to ask for help where possible. Trust me when I say, that my partner has basically done the moving for us and I have just been cleaning and unpacking where I can and even then I am exhausted, stressed and worn out!

Please don’t hold yourself under any illusion, no matter how prepared you might think you are, there is always room for stress when moving and being pregnant, you have to look out for it. 

Why move home when pregnant, then?

There could be a multitude of reasons behind moving home while pregnant, such as not there not being enough room in the house you currently live in for a baby, maybe you have some annoyingly loud neighbours, or perhaps you want garden space for your child to play in when they get older. Etc. etc., the list is endless!

For me, moving home while pregnant was the only option because I was living in a maisonette 2 storey house which has been built on top of another house, and the stairs were tricky with just a dog to walk down let alone a dog and a pram. I won’t even go into detail about how much I struggled with the stairs during my pregnancy with sciatic pain making it almost impossible to move my left leg, and when the snow and ice came, the stairs became treacherous mountains of white!

I loved my home; its a sanctuary for me, my landlord is wonderful, the locale is ideal, transport is perfect (we don’t drive), and there are parks dotted around the place in every angle that are perfect for dog walks! It was the first home that my Romanian Rescue dog ever had, it was where we celebrated my graduation from Uni (and its home to my blood, sweat and tears being shed during the final year at Uni). It was the place that I lost my Airbnb Hosting virginity to and loved it. We have a balcony that overlooks a communal garden area which is a complete suntrap and the neighbourhood constantly smelt loosely of the delicious food shops across the road.

The flat that we moved to in March 2018 is more open plan, on the ground floor (hallelujah!) and dog friendly! We got our keys at the beginning of March and have been moving in over the month very slowly and I think that this is what has made the moving journey a bit easier on us (and me being pregnant). Thankfully, boyfriend has been doing all the extreme lifting and helping delivery guys to deliver our furniture and has been assembling furniture too (he is my hero).  I have been focusing my time on cleaning our home and cleaning the new flat to a nice standard, while packing things and transporting suitcases each day by train and a short walk. 

Tips on Moving Home While Pregnant

Moving Home while pregnant

Ask for help and support where you can

  • I asked my parents to help me move things and they very kindly offered to drive our things to our new flat over a weekend. It took them about 4 drives in total but they were happy to help! You will find that your family and friends will naturally be concerned about you, so they will most likely be able to support you when you need it.

Pack your things…

  • As early as you can and as tidy as you can
  • Remain organised! Easier said than done, but if you have this notion in your head each day you wake up, you will automatically get your thinking cap on. I would advise writing down your plans because lord knows pregnancy brain will come in and mess things up!
  • Label your boxes. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT fling things into bags and boxes willy nilly because you will end up with an overwhelming flummox when opening boxes and finding a pair of kitchen scissors and also your best lingerie. Try to keep the boxes filled with items from the same place so that you are focusing on that one location when you are moving.

Move out of your old home

  • Set your move-out date as late as you can and set out an action plan for cleaning, packing and booking vans etc. Let me know if you want my template for action plans- they are perfect!
  • Move over your things gradually if this is possible.
  • Clean! Nowadays there are actually cleaning companies that are there to provide tenancy clear out services. You can usually find these services easily by doing a search for them in Google including the local area that you are needing the services to be run. This means less back ache for you and less chance for you to inhale any harmful cleaning chemicals. 
  • If you go forward with cleaning the home yourself, consider purchasing a mask from Amazon, such as this one to prevent you from breathing in the harmful cleaning chemicals, such as bleach! Its too easy to forget that bleach is extremely harmful to our lungs and skin, especially when we use it often for basic cleaning jobs. Ensure you have the windows open and the room ventilated.
  • Take pictures of any damage to the property and share these with your landlord if you have been renting so that your mind can be rested when you have moved out and are waiting on your security deposit to be returned to you. Also take pictures of just about everything so that if the landlord says that you have broken something that you know you left in a good condition, you have proof! You don’t want the worry of potentially not seeing your security deposit being put into your account in the back of your mind, so cover all bases.Moving Home While Pregnant

Moving Vans and Transport

  • As I said before, my parents very kindly offered to help us move most of our things to our new flat by driving their car for us (we both can’t drive at the moment). So I would always ALWAYS suggest asking for help from a friend or family member first before forking out lots of money for a Moving Truck hire. 
  • Organise any moving van hire as far in advance as possible. Ensure you have your new keys when you are doing the move.
  • Have some money set aside for unexpected costs! My Delivery drivers ended up taking the absolute P*ss when they ended up going the incorrect journey to add an additional hour onto the hiring time that I booked and they had the audacity to ask for a further £20! I couldn’t quite believe it, but seeing as I was at work and my boyfriend was dealing with it, we paid them.  Unwillingly. My point was that if we had just budgeted in what our estimations were without any buffer amounts, then we would have been seriously up Sh*t Creek without a paddle. Even setting yourself an additional £100 can help.
  • Ensure you ask your delivery drivers (if you are hiring them too), that they can do the heavy lifting. Not trying to set us back by hundreds of years here ladies, but in all honesty, we cannot afford to be lifting sofas and fridges when we are carrying precious cargo! I won’t stand for it, so please enlist the help of a professional who can manage it. Afterall you don’t want to be out of the game for the next week when you need to unpack everything around you because you did your back in by lifting a bed. 


Moving into your new home and unpacking your life

  • Get your bed set up as a matter of priority. Trust me, ladies (pregnant ladies especially), you are going to want to ensure you have a place of comfort ready for you to jump into (or depending on how pregnant you are, wiggle into ever so carefully). Once you have spent the day trying to unpack your things, you will definitely just want to snuggle up into your nice comfy bed and the familiar bedsheets can make it automatically feel like a place called home. 
  • If you did a bit of a clearance before you packed, I would advise you should still go through your boxed belongings while unpacking and being as tough as nails in deciding whether or not to keep some of the contents. Nothing feels better than starting fresh than feeling like you have space. This is especially important if you are downsizing your home and you are wanting to have enough room for a baby to take over the place. 
  • Keep your back straight and bend with the knees when possible. You are pregnant, you are going to be feeling pressure and tiredness in all areas of your body and that’s without the process of moving being thrown in. 

You got this Mama…

Moving home while pregnant

You are probably going to be emotional. This time of life is difficult- leaving your old home where you created memories and stories, of which you will be telling your growing child throughout their life. You have to remember that its okay to be emotional! Blame it entirely on your hormones if that makes you feel better, but don’t hide it. This will only add to your stress levels. Cry it out, take lots of pictures of your last home, and get ready to make lots of new amazing memories in your new home with your new baby and growing family. I made a gorgeous photo album that will be getting sent away to Photobox soon to have our memories printed out on a photobook which we can keep forever. This is a nice way to remember everything that went on in that little home of ours. 

Gals, there are plenty of moving home tips but I would really suggest that you take heed of what I have suggested! Having done the move, and having made my own mistakes due to pregnancy, I have been there and done that… some may even say I have got the t-shirt too. I am still unpacking and nothing in my body makes me want to unpack anything further, but its got to be done!

The great thing about unpacking is that there is no rush. You don’t have to have a strict date to have everything settled and out and about! You have time, so please don’t stress once you have handed back your keys of your old place. You got this Mamas, I believe in you!

Maternity clothes you need at 20+ weeks to keep Comfortable!

Maternity Comfort

I am 23 weeks pregnant. 23. I am not yet as heavily pregnant as I know I am going to be (duh), but I am growing at a solid pace and I. Need.  Maternity Comfort. Maternity comfort

My jeans aren’t cutting it anymore, my work trousers are strangling my uterus and my tops just make me look like a reject from the 90s with a beer belly. Its not working and I need maternity clothes and comfort. I thought that I could get away with using my clothes for a bit longer but alas, this is not the case. 

I know there are some gorgeous clothes out there for pregnant women, but what I find is that most of them are only available online and that they tend to be ridiculously expensive. Who wants to pay £90 for a pair of dungarees that I can only wear for a tiny amount of time? Not me (the bargain queen)!

So, on a search that seemed to be for my soul, I set out in Glasgow to uncover the maternity sections of the shops around the city. I didn’t realise before I was pregnant that there was such an extreme limitation in maternity clothes in Glasgow city shops, but I am sure as heck realising it now. There is such a gap in the market (in my opinion) and if I could design and sew clothes together, you could be sure that I would be releasing a maternity line that looks great and doesn’t break the bank!

I nipped into the New Look in Glasgow and searched around unsuccessfully before asking a lovely shop assistant who said that there was no maternity section within the store and that the maternity clothes were only available online or in other stores. I was a bit gutted as my sister who has been pregnant twice before me, has said that the New Look maternity leggings were her godsend and lord knows that those were all I was wanting. Sure, I could go for the online shopping experience but I set out just for this purpose.

Maternity Comfort and clothes

Next moving onto H&M and I have to say that I had much better luck here and came away with 2 purchases that I just LOVE and have dreams about on a daily basis. The first being my brand new maternity joggers. 3 words for you… HO.LEE.CRAP. These are the best, most comfiest and cosiest, softest and most delightful pairs of trousers that I have ever had the pleasure of owning and I cannot wait to go back and get several more pairs.

Maternity comfort Maternity comfort

At £17.99, these were my answered prayers for when I am at home, or when I am running errands. The best part? The over the bump waist band. Ah I feel like I can die happy when in these trousers- like nothing bad could ever happen. And I can move about freely, which is a great feature as best believe I was doing a happy dance or a few when I tried them on. Please excuse the camel toe.

I also bought a gorgeous skirt from H&M which was on sale for only £12! A black and white polka dot covered, floaty and comfortable number that is now mine. It was the only one left in stock and I had to have it. 

Maternity comfort Maternity comfort

Look at how floaty and dreamy this skirt is. I can dress it up with a nice blouse or relax the look with a big baggy jumper. This is what I call maternity comfort.

My problem was that there wasn’t enough options in Glasgow city centre for pregnant women. I know that pregnancy is a fleeting time for each individual woman, but lets be honest, with one born every minute in Britain, there will be no shortage of pregnant women who waddle in and out of a maternity wear store at every point of the year. So let this be my wish… Please can some awesome designer create a line and sell these clothes in one store at a good price? That’s all I ask! I want more options, more styles and less boring creations available to me and the other maternal ladies out there! Why is that so hard?

Not necessarily maternity wear, but I also purchased a pair of footlet slippers that speak to my soul. I picked these up from Primark for £2.50, can you believe it?

Maternity comfort

Maternity is a time that women need comfort and relaxation, and if we can get a bit of that in our clothing choices then that’s fantastic! If you know of a maternity line, please let me know- I need to stock up on workwear!


Unique Gender Reveal Party idea that You Will Remember Forever…

Well, I am now passed the 20 week mark, in fact today, I am officially 21 weeks! 19 weeks (roughly) to go till we get to meet our little baby! My guess is that if you have come from Pinterest, you are also at the stage where you are going to find out the gender of your soon-to-be human, and I am sure, like me, you are literally bouncing in your seat in anticipation for when the big moment comes. I wanted to share the surprise with my friends and family, so a gender reveal was on the cards… but it had to be a unique gender reveal idea and something that I hadn’t seen before.

Unique Gender Reveal Idea

Thinking of a unique gender reveal idea was bloody hard work… some people have been extremely creative in theirs overtime… best believe I did lots of YouTube searching to see what crazy ideas came my way and they ranged from the good old fashioned Balloon popping to a plane releasing coloured ping pong balls all over the party from way up high.

I wasn’t going to quite measure up to the plane idea, but I had an idea that involved paint, hands and a box and it was going to work. Gosh darnit, it was going to have to work.

My Unique Gender Reveal Idea

I had my 20 week anomaly scan on Friday 16th March and everything looked to be good. 3 words for ya, What. A. Relief! Is it normal to feel so nervous before a scan that you almost throw up? Its maybe just my pessimism that is playing a main role in my life when going for scans, but I always feel like they can show you the best news or the worst news. Thankfully, the worst news was not the case and we enjoyed the foreign feeling tour of my uterus, peering into the world of our delightful little baby.

The radiographer told my wonderful man the sex while I looked away from the tell tale screen. Tam is definitely one for holding secrets and maintaining a very mysterious aura, so he was absolutely in his element while arranging the gender reveal in secret. I was stuck between the fact that I was really wanting to press him for information but at the same time I only had to wait a day until myself and my family and friends found out so it wasn’t so bad- and I really wanted to make the gender reveal party that much better by being genuinely surprised!

I was toying with the idea of a gender reveal party for ages, humming and hawing as to whether I should do it or not. I didn’t know anyone of my old peers to do anything like it, so I wasn’t sure if it was normality in Scotland. I loved watching the genuinely surprised reactions of the parents to be and the “woohoo!” of the supportive families and friends within the viral YouTube videos, but I didn’t want to do the “normal” type of reveal so the thinking cap went on.

The Unique Gender Reveal Idea underway

I came up with the idea of getting a box, decorating it with my theme colours (pink and blue), buying 2 colours of acrylic paint (pink and blue), a long portrait canvas, and a scarf to blindfold myself. 

It took about 8 explanations for Tama to fully understand what was required of him in this reveal,  but by Jove he got it. He basically was the only person who knew what the gender was before the reveal (which was a fact that he loved to remind me of by the way). The idea that I had was basically that he had to pour the colour of the gender (ie pink for girl, blue for boy (sorry for being so unoriginal)) into the base of the box, I was to be blindfolded and he was to place my hands into the box, ensure they were fully coated in the coloured paint and then he would lead my hands to the canvas where he held them down so that my prints were made. I would then lift up my hands, remove the blindfold (or rather, get Tama to do it as my hands were a bit painted at the time), and to my surprise I found… MY HAND PRINTS IN THE COLOUR OF MY DREAMS…. Tama would then pick up the canvas and turn it round to the patiently waiting spectators and shared the reaction of happiness, glee and downright euphoria. 

The Best bit?

What is especially awesome about this idea is the fact that we have now got this canvas for a lifetime. My plan was to ensure my prints were pretty centred and to leave enough of a space so that when the baby came along, we could get their prints in the middle and Tama’s on the outside, and hang this up in the nursery as a momento of the greatest day ever. 

Sure you can use the good old balloons with coloured confetti, or the coloured cake sponge etc (I am not belittling any of these ideas, they just weren’t particularly for me!), or you could give it a good amount of thought to come up with something that will allow you a physical memory for the rest of your lives. I would highly recommend the canvas idea, I have a video just below of our gender reveal party 

Can you guess what we are having? All will be revealed…

Our Beautiful Gender Reveal party

Its a baby GIRL!!!

Now to think of names and buy a crap tonne of baby clothes. We are so delighted in this news and cannot wait to welcome our little honey bun to our wonderful little world. 

Congested Nose during Pregnancy- is it normal? Pregnancy Rhinitis

This is a disclaimer that this post is not written by a medical professional and that the hints and tips are of my own personal experience. If you are at all concerned about your congestion or cold symptoms please get in touch with your midwife/GP as I cannot be held responsible for any health problems.


Pregnancy Rhinitis

Since about week 14 (today marks week 16, woohoo!) of pregnancy I have developed a slight annoyance in my right nostril. The feeling of extra hard and sharp boogers has me blowing my nose constantly and it can lead to very very light nose bleeds. I’ve even been one to unashamedly have a feel around with a finger (please don’t judge me… I’m pregnant) and become disappointed at there appearing to be a lack of anything of substance within the endless nostril. It begs the question, how long is my nostril??

Well my pregnant friends, this is common and should not be something you are embarrassed about- it’s Pregnancy Rhinitis. While it may seem like I am calling you a large, beautiful and endangered animal with a portruding horn in the middle of your face, I am not. Pregnancy Rhinitis is a common side affect of pregnancy which can cause your nasal passages to become congested or runny and it goes hard on whichever option it is to be.

Personally, I have always had a runny nose, especially when its windy outside or I have been running, without being pregnant- so when the plus sign appeared on that test, it didn’t really phase me that the running of my nose could just be my normal nasal patterns and nothing to do with carrying a baby within.

But something changed for me during week 14 when I felt that my left nostril was congested and my right nostril was full to the brim of boogers. Ugh, is there a better word for them? *searches the Thesaurus and finds nothing nicer* Never mind then, boogers it is.

How do I know if its Pregnancy Rhinitis?

Pregnancy Rhinitis

  • You will feel like you have the beginning stages of a cold, but that it doesn’t turn into anything ever ie your throat isn’t sore, your voice isn’t hoarse and you avoid other cold-like symptoms
  • You might feel a slight popping in the top of your nose and then a sudden blockage appearing at random points during the day or night
  • Your nose is running slightly more than usual
  • You find yourself carrying lots of tissues and running out of clean ones frequently
  • Your nose might bleed slightly upon blowing too many times

Why why why is Pregnancy Rhinitis a thing?

I hate to say it, but it is the usual culprit… hormonal changes during pregnancy.

A higher level of Estrogen can lead to a swelling of the nasal passages and sinuses which can lead to an overractive production of boogers and mucus. The tiny explosion sounding pops that can happen in the top of your nose could be due to the small blood vessels swelling up inside your nostrils which then causes you to be congested.

Oh Clueless Mama, how can I stop Pregnancy Rhinitis?

Well, I am glad you asked. It can start super early in the pregnancy and unfortunately it can tend to get worse during the later stages (please don’t shoot the messenger). The good news is that it should reduce the annoyance factor post-birth and then it should be completely gone within about 2 weeks of your bambino gracing this earth with his/her presence.

In the meantime though, you might like to try the few tips I have been trying desperately to help the rather dire situation to make yourself more comfortable in the nasal department…

Pregnancy Rhinitis

  • Prop yourself more upright when first lying in bed with pillows. Of course, sleeping during pregnancy can be hard enough already but if you perhaps lay another pillow under your head, the more upright you are positioned, the bigger the chances are that gravity will help you out- just be prepared with tissues on standby
  • Use soft, aloe-vera or Olbas Oil tissues on your nose to keep the skin around your nostrils lacking in the obvious pink colour and to keep the discomfort of dried out skin at bay. Your little sniffer will be left feeling soft and less abused by the tougher, sandpaper-y tissues
  • Take as many outdoor walks as you can without doing yourself in- the fresh air will help your congestion in normal circumstances
  • Steam your head every night before bed with a bowl of boiled water, a teaspoon of Vicks Vaporub or Olbas Oil and a towel to place over your head when you are breathing in the hot, moist air
  • Sleep with air circulating through the bedroom- open a window, or if its too cold, open a window of another room in your house and leave your door ajar so that you are getting some fresh air into your body while you sleep. I always find congestion to be the biggest pain in the butt at night when you are stationery and lying down getting ready to kip away.
  • Keep a tissue with a smudge of either Vicks Vaporub or Olbas Oil within it, fold it up and hold it within your bra, you will get occasional wafts of the menthol and it will help to clear your airways too.
  • Rub Vicks Vaporub under your pillows at night
  • Keep a jar of Petroleum Jelly or Aloe Vera nearby so that you can top up the tip of your nose with moisture

Things to be aware of:

Its important to know that if your congestion develops into other symptoms of a cold, you are most likely not suffering from Pregnancy Rhinitis and instead, you have been caught with the common cold. If you have a cold but don’t want to take any medication to ease it, please check out this awesome article about how to naturally cure a cold!

Keep an eye on whether or not there is any discomfort in your sinuses under your eyes and at the top of your nose as it can be common for pregnant women to get sinus infections and if you are at all concerned about it, please get in touch with your midwife or GP for advice. Do not take any medication that your Doctors have not suggested to you as you don’t want to harm the bambino baking away, so please please take care of yourself.

Other tips of Pregnancy

Click here to read my tips on how to combat the annoyance that is Dysgeusia (that metallic taste in your mouth) during pregnancy and click here to read about my mistaken miscarriage experience.





How do I organise a Birthday Surprise for my best friend?

Well, January is never just the start of a new year for me; its the commencement of my birth month. On the 16th January, 23 years ago I was brought into this world by the most wonderful mother. While I appreciate her for this, I sometimes wish she held off until February at least (if only it worked like that!).

January Birthdays…

Having a January birthday is great and all, but its the time of year where nobody wants to really do anything, and I can’t blame them to be honest. Everybody has spent the last month and then some preparing for the Christmas festivities, getting jollied off their trees and ringing in the new year with their loved ones. The last thing they want to do is splash out more cash to go out when they are still nursing their food babies from the month before. Again, I cannot blame anybody for feeling this way, heck if it wasn’t for my birthday, my Januaries would be the quietest month ever too.

The great thing about this January though, was that I was pregnant! So no booze-ups or nights out for me, which meant that I could save my money for the bambino that is to come later this year.  We just had a quiet one in the house for my birthday and it was so so welcome.

Organising a Pregnant Birthday Surprise for your friend

My best friend had organised a day for us for my birthday which was very exciting as when she plans things in secret, they are usually the best surprises ever! So I was curious and excited to see what she planned.

And my friends? She planned the perfect day for my birthday to a tee. I was surprised by what she had planned but knowing how thoughtful and caring she is, I wasn’t surprised as to how wonderful it was.

Pregnant Birthday Surprise

She picked me up on my day off and drove around to her apartment where she made me wait downstairs while she organised something in secret.

She called me upstairs and BAM the emotions hit me. She transformed her room into a mini cinema room, catering to all my snack cravings, even with the non-alcoholic rose wine in tow.

The Snacks

Pregnant Birthday Surprise Pregnant Birthday Surprise Pregnant Birthday Surprise

She strung up fairy lights and laid out two of the comfiest looking onesies and fluffy socks I had ever seen and she had even filled her pop-corn container with my ultimate craving… Flaming Hot Monster Munch. It took everything in my soul to hold back the happy tears (and not to shove all those little flaming hot monsters into my gob).

It was the sweetest surprise ever and so beyond thoughtful as it was everything I could have wanted; a nice wee lazy day but the best opportunity to veg out and snack without judgement and to catch up with my best friend. I am so lucky to be able to call her my best friend.

I always tell my friend to go into business to organise things like this for other people- do you think so too?

So, if you are looking for ideas on how to organise a pregnant birthday surprise for your best friend, consider creating a low-key movie session for her. Trust me, she will love it.

If you enjoyed this post, you might want to give my other posts a shot… here is a link to my most recent post all about ethereal baby girl name ideas!

Pregnant Birthday Surprise

A Miscarriage scare… sudden bleeding and cramps don’t always mean a miscarriage!

A miscarriage scare

I only knew I was pregnant for a week before I had a miscarriage scare. I bought some Folic acid tablets, broccoli, so much other healthy superfood that you’d think I was Pop-eye the Sailor Man. I even started my Amazon wishlist in the hopes that I would stock up with everything I needed before the bambino would arrive. I started a new pinboard on pinterest to get my much-needed research done!

I was prepping myself for the excitement to come and napping during the day. This pregnancy was going to be taken very seriously as I wanted to make sure I gave my baby the best chance to develop as possible.

Miscarriage scare

The symptoms of my miscarriage scare

I was becoming complacent to the fact that I was pregnant and expecting a child mid 2018 and I was preparing my mind for the chaos to come when at work I felt sudden extreme stomach cramping. My thoughts were that this sucks! The great thing about being pregnant was the lack of periods and thus the lack of cramping (I get extremely bad stomach cramps that literally floor me during my time of the month)- why did I get the short straw? Then I suddenly felt it… (sorry if you are squeamish, I would leave now as this is going to become too much information soon). I felt that horrible feeling of my period starting extremely heavily and blood essentially pouring out of me. It was very disconcerting especially since I didn’t have any warning signs of my period coming and that was when it hit me… that this was not a normal “period”.

“a clot the same size as the palm of my hand had sunk to the bottom of the toilet…”

I quickly ran to the bathroom at work and sat down on the toilet before I felt something falling out of me and making a quiet splash when it landed (no it wasn’t poop- this is a serious topic so please just bare with me!). I didn’t think much of it but after peeing, I wiped and found there to be a fleshy clot sticking to the toilet paper.  Now, I have actually experienced something similar to this before in 2014 but I had no idea that it might be related to being pregnant as the thought of being pregnant never crossed my mind at the time. I wiped a few times and I was bleeding ridiculously heavily- panic began to set in.  I looked down at the toilet, without even touching concern of the unhygienic factor, I threw my hand right in there and swirled through the dissolving tissue to see the most disheartening view of my life. A clot the same size as the palm of my hand had sunk to the bottom of the toilet. This was what fell from me and at the sight, my heart sunk to the bottom of my stomach.

I had to go to a director’s meeting literally 3 minutes after a miscarriage scare and act like nothing happened…

The worst thing about this was that I was at work and I was literally just about to go into a 2-hour intensive business meeting with the company director. The pressure to keep composed was too real as I was sure that I had literally just miscarried my baby that I had already grown so fond of. Holding back the tears was hard enough but not carrying out my urge to walk out in a dramatic fashion was even more difficult.  I stuffed the dreadful image to the back of my head quickly and went into the meeting. You might call me heartless, but I felt at that point and time that my heart had just left my body and left me exposed and terrified.

After the meeting I came straight home and burst into tears within my partner’s arms. This was confirmation that my body was rejecting even the most innocent of things. My body betrayed my love, hopes and dreams and I immediately ran down the rabbit hole of despair.

I convinced myself that I didn’t know the outcome yet and I had to wait until my midwife appointment which was thankfully the next afternoon. I tried to suppress the feelings until then.

Heading to the Midwife!

Heading nervously towards the midwife practise down the road, I was eager to find out what advice they could offer me. When I got there I was seen 20 minutes later. The wait was agonising. It was the first thing I blurted out to my new midwife and the sweet lady tried to comfort me and advised me to phone the EPA unit of my chosen delivery hospital straight after our booking appointment.

I decided to call the EPA unit straight after the appointment but was left with no answer or a busy line. It was so stressful and the fact that I couldn’t get through made it even worse.

I tried calling about 75 times that evening before it became too obvious that they were closed.

I decided to call again the next day and I finally got through. I explained the situation to the midwife on the phone who urged me to come to the EPA unit the next day after hearing what happened. She was also convinced it was a miscarriage but didn’t confirm this on the phone. She also advised me to try another pregnancy test in the morning and if it was positive I was to still head into the unit whereas if it was negative then I should cancel the appointment as it was confirmation that the baby had gone.

The day of either doom or haven

The next day sprung up and I woke up at the crack of dawn to head to the grocery store to buy some more pregnancy tests. I traipsed back home exhausted but quickly as I was rather desperate for my first morning pee. Quickly I unwrapped the test and peed on the stick for 5 seconds. It was almost an instantaneous positive reaction. What was so odd to me was that I actually felt a bit disappointed and because of that, I felt tremendously guilty and like I was a terrible person. I felt like I got given the chance to get things fixed before we thought of having a baby and that this was a false alarm pregnancy.  I relaxed myself thinking that my HCG levels would not have returned to normal yet since the miscarriage so it was likely that I would still test as positive for pregnancy even if I had miscarried so I took the test with a pinch of salt.

I went along to the hospital and got seen by a couple of lovely midwives before I got my scan taken to ensure the baby was still there. This was the worst wait ever and I was only offered relief after the freezing cold gel was squeezed all over my lower abdomen and then smooshed over by the scanner. They never tell you how uncomfortable this feeling is when you have to pee, but take my word for it. I carefully watched the midwife’s face to see her reaction when looking around my womb for the signs of life. Relief washed over me when she finally said “Oh goodness you have a baby with a heart beat! Congratulations!” I thought I was going to pass out! How is this baby still there after I bled that much?

The baby was still there… still alive!

miscarriage scare

Even the midwife was shocked and had said that she was expecting to have to do some internal examinations and bloodwork to ensure I was still healthy following a miscarriage.

Even though I was feeling relief earlier when I thought I miscarried, I suddenly realised how happy I was that I had just found out my body was accepting this tiny blip of a baby.

The midwife turned the screen to face me and showed me around my own womb as if I was a tourist. She pointed out the fact that it appeared I had twin egg sacks and one was now empty whereas the other was full of a baby.

What was the cause of my miscarriage scare?

She suggested that the bleeding was as a result of the second baby having not been strong enough to continue developing and having miscarried, but it could have been a multitude of things. My body tends to do this strange thing where odd occurrences happen for no apparent reason and it leaves us all with somewhat of a question mark. She then printed out a couple of pictures for us to keep. I felt like I cheated the normal pregnancy! Most people don’t get their scan until 12 weeks of being pregnant, but here I was at 6.6 weeks viewing my little egg sack blip. It was awesome to peek into that secret little world within me.

So relieved, I went back home and we celebrated by eating broccoli and drinking ginger tea! We were back on track and I had some catching up to do with my folic acid pills and research. When I was given my midwife suggested reading books, I couldn’t bring myself to read it until I knew the situation for certain. That night I spent hours making up for lost time by reading books and my pinned articles from other Mum to be blogs. I stuck the baby scan up to the kitchen fridge and everyday since I have looked adoringly at it.

Have you had a miscarriage scare? Don’t fear the worst immediately! Head to the midwife or call the hospital for professional advice before jumping to conclusions

What is so odd to me now is that my whole body is giving this baby its all, working overtime and producing the baby’s vital organs, skin, hair and nails, a brain to store memories of a lifetime and the chance to learn how to love and I can’t even feel it happening. How can all the change going on inside your body be happening without you even hearing or feeling it? Without you even being able to even understand how complex the process is. It’s a strange experience! We are so much smarter than we give ourselves credit, ladies. Building a baby from scratch is just insane but we do it naturally, how awesome is that?

So the message here is that, if you have bled heavily at the same time as experiencing sudden and extreme stomach cramps, it can be tempting to point it towards a miscarriage (and it is a very strong possibility that this is the truth of the situation), however please do not immediately jump to conclusions.  Get yourself an appointment at your delivery hospital, talk to your midwife and seek professional advice immediately. While we are smart enough to produce a baby naturally, we need the professionals to confirm scary situations like these for us, otherwise we would drive ourselves crazy when we don’t even have to. Finally, do not lose hope!

If you have unfortunately suffered a miscarriage, please know that you are never alone. You might feel like it at the time as you have just effectively lost 2 hearts within your body at once, but you also have proven to yourself that your body is stronger than you might have originally given credit. Your baby will always be with you and you have been surrounded by its light when trying to mentally recover. My heart goes out to anybody who has experienced a miscarriage and I would urge you to seek help if you are really struggling with coming to terms with it. I am also always here for support if you ever need it from somebody you don’t know- I live to help others feel better.








Discovering Pregnancy- My story

-Discovering Pregnancy-

30th November 2017. This date will stick in my head forever I think- I hope. Not to be dramatic but my whole life and mentality changed drastically on the 30th November 2017. This is my discovering Pregnancy story.

Nausea, a lack of menstruation and a whole lot of cat-ladyish moodswings suggested to me to get a test and find out. I never thought much of what it would be like to be a mum- in all honesty I believed that I would have so much time to spend getting my wild years out of the way before settling down to create a family, but alas- this was not the case. There were so many years where myself and my partner were not careful in that department, which caused me great worry about my fertility as I never fell pregnant and felt like there should have been plenty of occasions when I had.

-Discovering Pregnancy from a Test-

I have had pregnancy scares before though and have then taken a test and found it to be negative bringing me to somewhat of an impasse; was I happy or sad? Sure, I was always relieved to know that I had the chance to figure out how to look after myself properly let alone another, but I was also always a little bit let down by my body,  believing it to be impossible to carry a baby.

Discovering Pregnancy

So you can imagine my bafflement when I saw the little whirring wait symbol being replaced by a “pregnant” sign which was then followed by “3+ weeks” after weeing on the stick.

-Discovering Pregnancy and my Immediate Thoughts-

If my head was thinking clearly enough these would have been the stages of emotions:

  1. Oh shit
  2. Shit shit shit
  3. Oh my lord, I can’t believe it
  4. No way
  5. I better take the second test to double check *pushes to pee again but nothing happens*
  6. *stares at first test* Oh crap, what? Seriously?
  7. *squints eyes to make sure I am reading correctly* Me? Wow I’m amazed!
  8. I thought I couldn’t get pregnant, WOW!
  9. No way, this test must be confused
  10. How accurate are these things anyway? *reads the label*
  14. Aw Tama will be such a supportive Dad and baby partner
  15. I love him to the moon and back
  20. I can’t believe it *cries*

I ran through to tell my sister who was working away in the room next to the bathroom, by this point she already knew the outcome what with the tell-tale signs of my sailor mouth.

She was so supportive and it was great to receive such a great and steady voice telling me it was going to be okay. Meanwhile I was crazed, erratic and not thinking clearly at all! Bouncing from one thing to the next…

“I need to get my blog up and running properly to support our family on maternity leave”… “How much pressure is it that my actions right now could make or break our baby?”… “I don’t know when to tell people”…. “I certainly can’t go back to work just now!”

-Discovering Pregnancy and telling the Dad-

I ran downstairs to confess to Tama, who was sleeping, blissfully unaware, on the couch from his late shift the night before. Not even caring that he was getting some much-needed rest, I verbally slapped him in the face with this news… “TAMA WAKE UP” I shouted as I shoved the positive pregnancy test in his face.

He woke up slowly and his wee face was an absolute picture when his blurred sleepy vision focused on the positive result. He was so shocked and it confirmed to me that this was suddenly very real so I did the thing that any Mother-to-be would do… I burst into tears and became inconsolable for about 3 minutes before I suddenly perked up and excited myself about the topic again.

It was so surreal to know that I was going to be creating a life within me. Surreal in so many ways.

I now hold two hearts within my body, letting me love the situation more.

I very quickly booked an appointment at the Doctor’s surgery down the road from me and immediately made plans to get my life in order- who would have thought that this would be as hard as it was?

The rest of the day was a bit crazy- I couldn’t stop going on about it, Lord knows I tried and my poor sister must have gotten a bit fed up of me, but didn’t say anything other than supportive words. I just couldn’t believe it and I felt like talking about it confirmed the situation more for me. So many thoughts were rushing through my head.

-Discovering Pregnancy and my Afterthoughts-

By the time night fell, I was ready for my bed. My head was so fritzed that I began to go down the rabbit hole of negative thoughts, which is something that I frequently try to avoid.

What was so strange was that my whole life was going to change so drastically and while I had to just accept this and go with it, it was bizarre to me to think that everything else was continuing on the same way externally.

-Discovering Pregnancy-

Finding out I was pregnant was the beginning step to something beautiful. As much as our little blip is creating a mighty load of pressure on our situation (we have lots more than the normal couple to sort out prior to the arrival of our precious bambino), we could not be more excited and I am so enthused to be sharing this journey with the love of my life, Tama.

I can’t sit here and regret my choices in sexual practise 6 weeks ago because I am too happy about the prospects that lie ahead with this baby and while it may be a terrifying thought that I am missing out on travelling the world, it is the truth that my baby is going to provide me with some of the most amazing, love-filled years ahead of me and its all worth it.

We love you so much already little blip and can’t wait to meet you in 7 and a half months!