My Pregnancy Progress
I am now 100%

Congratulations on your amazing news!

Pregnancy was quite frankly, one of the best times of my life and I felt so blessed and cared for by others. You should be enjoying it as much as you can too!

Now that I have had my baby, I realise how important it is to relish the time you are  pregnant. That is the last time of your life that you will be able to solely think of yourself. That will be the last time of your life that you will feel love like you do. 

Once baby makes her debut appearance you will know love so differently. Its a fierce and beautiful love that you will experience from then on. 

I know that pregnancy is not all cupcakes and cute Instagram pictures- there are struggles, real struggles. (and its okay to vent them).

Here we can vent, laugh, cry, celebrate together over the topics that are relevant. 

You got this mama, your body is about to go through something beautiful (and painful) and you are so lucky to get to experience it. 


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