I hope to clue you up

But to be honest, I’m absolutely winging it (we all are)

About Me

Hi, I’m Emma aka The Clueless Mama… or I was before I gave birth to my gorgeous baby girl, Lonje! I would like to think that I’m slightly more clue’d up nowadays but in reality, its just that I am winging Motherhood everyday, and that’s okay. I am Scottish and live with my partner, Tam who is from Malawi so our little baby is a mix of both cultures and she is the perfect caramel colour. We also have a curious little Romanian rescue dog, Obie who is terrified of everything apart from fireworks.

I love everything about writing and designing and I am currently am setting up my own web design and branding business.

On maternity leave and never want it to end!

Enjoy my space on the internet and join our growing community!

First Week Post-Partum Survival Kit for New Mamas

Well, first thing's first, Mama- Congratulations! You have conquered one of the hardest endeavours that a woman can go through- pregnancy and childbirth. Labour kind of felt like you were dying, right?  Unfortunately its not the end of the tough journey- in fact, you...

How to survive your first postpartum poop

Okay ladies, I am going to talk about the first postpartum poop you are going to have and try to help you come to terms with it.  Sh*t is about to get real.  If you have found yourself on this page, it might be because A- you are scared sh*tless of going for the first...

The Most Gorgeous, Delicious, Magical parts of pregnancy *no sarcasm intended*

Positives of pregnancy With pregnancy comes the trials and tribulations of an expecting Mother. The body changes so drastically and quickly and there isn't much time for bounce-back for most new Mothers, but the time that we have with our beautiful little babies...

What are the Pregnancy Blues and how can you Overcome them?

Over the past few weeks, I have been a bit ashamed to admit it out loud, when I know I shouldn't be. the pregnancy blues are a perfectly normal thing to experience, but I just feel slight failure and disappointment. You see, being pregnant is a marvellous experience...

Pregnant Lady FOMO- a Taste of what’s to come…

Ah, FOMO. The dictionary defines FOMO as "anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media", or its the "Fear of Missing Out". You can read all about FOMO in Stella Hudgen's recent blog...

A Note to all my fellow Mothers (and Mothers-to-be)

Well you are doing it (or are going to be doing it)… the hardest but greatest job in the world… Motherhood. 

We all know how tricky it can be having a job like this- with no punch out time. Its a 24/7 gig where even if you aren’t physically with your child, your mind is. Your mind is constantly on your child on a worried/ proud basis.

You might be at the end of your tether right now. Maybe your baby won’t sleep or maybe your baby will not stop crying. These things happen but these things are seasons. Phases, if you will.  They won’t last forever and neither will your child being a baby. That’s why I wanted to take this moment to remind all Mothers that its perfectly fine to have a cry, a whine or a complaint every now and then. Girl, that’s to be expected. But just keep in the back of your mind that all seasons come and go. Take every moment with your bambino with gratitude. Hold onto that little hand and really feel it. Really feel the little hand grasping your finger out of instinct. Out of love. Out of unconditional love. That little hand won’t be as willing to hold onto yours for ever so please drink it all in and enjoy as much as you possibly can. You will one day be looking back at these days as memories so make sure you are able to store away the happy moments and the sad moments. Take all the pictures and videos to reflect back on. These are some of the best years you will have so remain open to the happiness and joy.

You got this mama, and if you are needing a little giggle or complaint, join us! For once, this page is for the sanity of Mothers and is not just focused all on your children. You matter too and you have to remember that!