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About the Clueless Mama

Hi, I’m Emma aka The Clueless Mama… or I was before I gave birth to my gorgeous baby girl, Lonje. I would like to think that I’m slightly more clue’d up nowadays but in reality, its just that I am winging Motherhood everyday, and that’s okay. I am Scottish and live with my partner, Tam who is from Malawi so our little baby is a mix of both cultures and she is the most perfect caramel colour. We also have a curious little Romanian rescue dog, Obie who is terrified of everything apart from fireworks.

I love everything about writing and designing and I am currently working on setting up my own web design and branding business.

I am on maternity leave and never want it to end, but alas, I must return to work in February 2019.

Enjoy my space on the internet and join our growing community.


My Recent Blog Posts


My Birth Story- Induced at 38 weeks (a surprisingly positive Induction birthing story)

Ah I just loved reading birth stories when I was pregnant, especially in the final weeks. I was getting very excited at the prospect of meeting my little yin so soon! The only problem was that I couldn't seem to find many full stories of labour induction on any blogs,...

The “What if’s” of a miscarriage

Disclaimer- I will be talking about miscarriage in this post. If you are triggered by this please read my other posts and skip this one. Also my heart goes out to you. We are forced to go on with this experience but it helps to know you are never alone. If you are...

First Week Post-Partum Survival Kit for New Mamas

Well, first thing's first, Mama- Congratulations! You have conquered one of the hardest endeavours that a woman can go through- pregnancy and childbirth. Labour kind of felt like you were dying, right?  Unfortunately its not the end of the tough journey- in fact, you...

How to survive your first postpartum poop

Okay ladies, I am going to talk about the first postpartum poop you are going to have and try to help you come to terms with it.  Sh*t is about to get real.  If you have found yourself on this page, it might be because A- you are scared sh*tless of going for the first...