Clueless Mama-to-be


I am Emma, a 23 year old Scottish mama-to-be. I am currently pregnant at 7 months. I live with my wonderful Malawian partner (the father-to-be) and our ex Romanian street dog (the scaredy-cat-to-be) in a humble little  Scottish town called Rutherglen. We have been described as the most chilled out couple known and that we were meant for each other. Our dog thinks so too.

Our baby-to-be (little blip) is due in August 2018 which means a heavily pregnant woman during the Scottish summer months will be on the cards (and waddling through the streets of Glasgow with severe chub rub of the highs). Yas. Oh, and this is also our very first child. Yikes. 

I have always had the problem of perhaps sharing too much information with people, but I figured that for this reason, I should start a blog about being an expecting Mother and then continuing it on till after the bairn arrives because… isn’t that what people love? To get the dirty scoop on others?

I can already tell you will be an avid reader… reading about my er glamourous and totally not gross journey  from being pregnant through to Motherhood and I am excited to begin this relationship with you (please note, this blog will be honest and trustworthy so it will most definitely be gross in some parts).

I already built and ran a blog about ocean conservation over at, which you should also check out as I update this as often as I can, so you will know that I am not a newb to the blogging scene.

I will always gladly take advice from other Mothers, but please appreciate that we are taking this MASSIVE learning journey and am going to try my best but things will inadvertently go horribly horribly wrong. The happy medium of achieving great things but also maintaining a healthy mind is where I strive to be so lets just all get along nicely.

Without further ado, please subscribe to me and follow our crazy and clueless pregnant-lady journey to come!

(Pregnant 7 weeks)