I think I might be pregnant.

Everything is pointing me in the right direction of this being the truth of my current situation.

Sure, at first I thought my period was coming and that it was going to be the bane of my life with the strength of those cramps and the aches of my nips at the time.
I honestly must have gone through about 3 packets of period pads (sorry, environment!) waiting for my period to start, thinking that it would begin any day.

This went on for about 20 days and I was getting antsy. My period was never this late. How could it be this late this month?

There was only one question that I asked myself before I knew that my period was not coming (and sorry if this plays into the typical PMS-y female stereotype that we all know and love)… when did I last crave chocolate?

Chocolate was the stuff of Gods when I was due my period- I’m not that huge a fan of it any other time but this was usually a tell-tale sign that my period was just around the corner. Thinking back on this whole “where the crap is my period this month” ordeal, the craving for chocolate never paid me a visit. How rude…  I mean, my waist was loving it but I sure as hell wasn’t.

My sciatic nerve started acting up. It felt trapped, angry and genuinely upset with me and I could not get rid of the pain and discomfort.

My mood was erratic. I could hear myself becoming more and more ludicrous and tetchy as the days went on but I wouldn’t do anything to stop it.

My nips felt bruised and painful and my hair was just… eh.

Something was not normal.

I think I might be pregnant.