So the first trimester, as we all know, grabs you quite literally by the lady-balls and twists some pregnancy realism on you. Pregnancy is wonderful, I LOVE being pregnant, but there are some things that I could really REALLY do without. One of those being Dysgeusia, which is the oddly reoccurring metallic taste during pregnancy. 

What is Dysgeusia?

A lot of Mums-to-be can alleviate the nauseated feeling of morning sickness by munching on dry biscuits such as ginger nuts, crackers or Rich Teas, but what is a woman to do when there is some hefty morning sickness and Dysgeusia present? Dysgeusia is another gross side affect of the wonderful miracle that is pregnancy. It causes a pregnant woman to have an overbearing metallic taste in her mouth which has often been referred to tasting as though she has been chewing on pennies or aluminium foil. For some, it can also mean that the taste can increase the nauseated feeling because it can be so overpoweringly bad. 

Is Dysgeusia normal in pregnancy? I haven’t heard of it before!

While Dysgeusia can be a bit disgusting and difficult to get used to, its important to know that it is perfectly normal for a pregnant woman to experience. The reason behind most gross pregnancy side affects and symptoms can be drawn to usually one thing… Hormone overload. With the changing levels of estrogen in your body, your taste is changing just as much and its causing your taste buds to be producing some odd flavours for you. It doesn’t have to just be metallic flavours though, some people experience sour, burnt or salty flavours too. You might also realise that your sense of smell has been heightened due to pregnancy and this can also be reactive to your taste buds fluctuating.

What Dysgeusia was like for the Clueless Mama

I noticed I had Dysgeusia during my 4th week of pregnancy. It was noticeable because it was occurring after each time I ate something and it wouldn’t matter what I ate, be it fruit, vegetables, soup, the odd snack here and there, it would always strike soon after eating. Its almost as if my saliva was becoming more and more unbearable in my own mouth (sorry, TMI, I know!).

It made morning sickness even more of a difficulty because at first, the new metallic taste in my mouth was destroying the dry biscuits I was consuming and the new taste would make me gag more. 

Its not so bad though, because with morning sickness, Dysgeusia should begin to leave a pregnant woman after the first trimester. Its not guaranteed that this is the case but over the course of 8 weeks, I have to admit that the metallic taste has somewhat become regulated and a lot more bearable for me. Its something that I am getting used to because I know how to counteract the hideous flavours in my mouth.

How can I get rid of the metallic taste that Dysgeusia brings?




  • Lemon water – This worked miracles with me- just squeeze some lemon into some water, but make sure you use ice cold water to flush the taste buds. It seems to be something citrusy that always counteracted the metallic flavour for me. 
  • Milk- its important not to drink too much dairy, but if the metallic taste has stayed there for long enough, a wee glass of milk will help save the day!
  • Minty chewing gum- this goes without saying, it can refresh the taste buds, or you could try brushing your teeth. Be careful not to brush your tongue as its probably going to make you gag… those reflexes are not as great as they used to be when pregnant!
  • Hot and Spicy food!- Try something spicy (but not too spicy, you don’t want to bring in the good ole’ heartburn or indigestion!)
  • Vinegar surprisingly worked well for me! I thought this would make the taste more unbearable but then… I love the taste of vinegar so it seemed to work for me.
  • Some people have suggested eating pickles!

Dysgeusia is not permanent, you got this mama!

Its a very common pregnancy symptom but its not so widely known about, which is why I made the blog post to help calm your pregnancy nerves.

You got it mama, we are all in this together! Just keep in mind the little bambino that you are doing this for!