Budget friendly meal inspo

As a current pregnant lady, its very tasking to put the effort into cooking healthy, nutritious meals for yourself and baby to enjoy when all you really want to do when you return from work is plop onto the couch and sleep. More pressure is put on our shoulders too when we are trying to save money for our Maternity leave. I didn’t truly realise how expensive it is to continuously buy fruits and vegetables to help with providing the right kind of vitamins and nutrients until I found out I was pregnant. Not to mention, sometimes we have to give into those unhealthy cravings to ensure we don’t go crazy. 

To achieve the ultimate budget friendly meal inspo and general yumminess, I am beginning a Mama’s Meals series which will be updated every Wednesday.

I shop exclusively at Aldi for my groceries meaning that I can save lots of money when buying in ingredients compared to that of Tesco (I used to be a Tesco loyalist) or Morrisons. Budget friendly grocery stores are our friends.

As a heads up, I am absolutely NOT a chef, nor do I even own more than 1 sharp knife (the one knife I do own however is pretty universal and amazing though) and I don’t have a huge amount of equipment on hand. So, join me in my successes and failures, laugh along with me over my creations and drool over them too. 

Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks (oh all the snacks) will be part of this series and I will share the approximate cost per meal/snack to help you mamas!