First Trimester

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Ethereal Baby Girl Names- Our Top Ten Suggestions

Naming your baby girl I am going to suggest my top ten Ethereal Baby Girl names. In the early days of pregnancy it can be all too easy to get swooped up in the excitement of what could be.. is it a girl? Is it a boy? What will they look like? One thing that we have...

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Metallic taste in mouth during pregnancy? Yupp, its normal!

So the first trimester, as we all know, grabs you quite literally by the lady-balls and twists some pregnancy realism on you. Pregnancy is wonderful, I LOVE being pregnant, but there are some things that I could really REALLY do without. One of those being Dysgeusia,...

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Discovering Pregnancy- My story

-Discovering Pregnancy- 30th November 2017. This date will stick in my head forever I think- I hope. Not to be dramatic but my whole life and mentality changed drastically on the 30th November 2017. This is my discovering Pregnancy story. Nausea, a lack of...

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I think I might be pregnant

I think I might be pregnant. Everything is pointing me in the right direction of this being the truth of my current situation. Sure, at first I thought my period was coming and that it was going to be the bane of my life with the strength of those cramps and the aches...

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Who is this Clueless Mama-to-be?

    I am Emma, a 23 year old Scottish mama-to-be. I am currently pregnant at 7 months. I live with my wonderful Malawian partner (the father-to-be) and our ex Romanian street dog (the scaredy-cat-to-be) in a humble little  Scottish town called Rutherglen. We have been...

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