motherhood blog

Thank the Lord for Mums. We would not be here without them.

I never used to really REALLY understand just how impressive my Mum was when growing up. The love she had for me just felt natural and I foolishly never stood back and understood just how much I meant to her.

I would do silly things growing up, without thinking how my Mum would react.

Having my own baby, I like to believe that she knows how much love I have for her, but I know that she will only ever really know a percentage of it not because I don’t love her enough, but because a child is not able to comprehend the fierce, loyal and protective love that a Mother can bare. It is truly on a new level.

I was born to be a Mum, and I can honestly say that I cannot remember a life without my little Lonje. 

Here, I will be posting my updates as a Mum- the ups and the downs, the disgusting and the cute- its all going to be here and I hope you can stick around for my journey!