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Drink that cold cup of tea

Know you are never alone

Children are unbearably sticky and amazing


Life is seen in a whole new perspective when you enter Motherhood. Not only does labour produce a baby, but it produces a whole new person within you- a Mum.

I felt like a complete stranger to myself for the first few weeks until I got settled down to my new normal. Its pretty hectic. 

There is a lot of pressure that comes with Motherhood. Raising a darling child in this scary world is a mission, especially when you don’t get to that cup of much-needed coffee until its ice cold. 

I’m here for all you Mothers and you are all here for me.  

First Week Post-Partum Survival Kit for New Mamas

Well, first thing's first, Mama- Congratulations! You have conquered one of the hardest endeavours that a woman can go through- pregnancy and childbirth. Labour kind of felt like you were dying, right?  Unfortunately its not the end of the tough journey- in fact, you...

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How to survive your first postpartum poop

Okay ladies, I am going to talk about the first postpartum poop you are going to have and try to help you come to terms with it.  Sh*t is about to get real.  If you have found yourself on this page, it might be because A- you are scared sh*tless of going for the first...

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