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Well its no walk in the park, I can tell you that but looking back on your pregnancy you will miss a few things like sleeping, drinking hot coffee, the attention being solely on you, the feeling of never really being alone, the fluttering within you. Thats to mention just a few. 

This is also the last time that you will be able to say your heart is within your body. 

I know (LAWD I KNOW) that pregnancy can be tedious on the female body. You will be tired beyond belief, nauseous, waddling, worried that every time you sneeze that you will pee a little bit. 

I loved my pregnacy and hopefully with my tips and advice you will too!

The “What if’s” of a miscarriage

Disclaimer- I will be talking about miscarriage in this post. If you are triggered by this please read my other posts and skip this one. Also my heart goes out to you. We are forced to go on with this experience but it helps to know you are never alone. If you are...

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Welcome to The Mama’s Meal Series!

Budget friendly meal inspo As a current pregnant lady, its very tasking to put the effort into cooking healthy, nutritious meals for yourself and baby to enjoy when all you really want to do when you return from work is plop onto the couch...

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10 Ways for you to Pamper your Pregnant partner

I think we can all agree that pregnancy can be a bit of a tough time for a woman. A lot of energy is consumed by our body preparing itself as an optimum habitat for our lovely bambinos. While the changes might happen invisibly for some time, it can definitely be...

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What are the Pregnancy Blues and how can you Overcome them?

Over the past few weeks, I have been a bit ashamed to admit it out loud, when I know I shouldn't be. the pregnancy blues are a perfectly normal thing to experience, but I just feel slight failure and disappointment. You see, being pregnant is a marvellous experience...

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Pregnant Lady FOMO- a Taste of what’s to come…

Ah, FOMO. The dictionary defines FOMO as "anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media", or its the "Fear of Missing Out". You can read all about FOMO in Stella Hudgen's recent blog...

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Hints and Tips for Maternity shoots

There is something to be said about the endless possibilities of maternity photos. They allow your 9 months of miracle-baking to last a lifetime and will help you to remember the true, raw and natural beauty of your body for...

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Moving Home While Pregnant

Is it sensible to move home while pregnant? Heck no! But Heck Yes! It might not be the easiest time in your life when moving homes what with all the cleaning, packing and transporting of things, but, it might be necessary for when you are growing a brand new human. Is...

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Maternity clothes you need at 20+ weeks to keep Comfortable!

Maternity Comfort I am 23 weeks pregnant. 23. I am not yet as heavily pregnant as I know I am going to be (duh), but I am growing at a solid pace and I. Need.  Maternity Comfort.  My jeans aren't cutting it anymore, my work trousers are strangling my uterus and my...

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